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All Sellers want to get the highest price from their home right?  But do they always get the best advice from their agents?  I would like to say yes, but there are many factors that go into advising a seller on accepting an offer.

You may have two offers from two qualified buyers, but one is $3,000 less than the other offer.   It seems logical to take the higher offer right? The answer is, it depends.  The escrow period for the 1st offer may be 35 days, verses 65 days for the higher offer.  The question then becomes how much the seller’s current payment (including taxes and insurance) are per month.  If the seller is paying a total of $2500 per month, and all other factors are equal, then it would make more sense taking the offer that is $3,000 less.

Another factor that should be taken into account is the sellers time frame.  Will the seller have a place to stay in 35 days, or is the 65 days?  Will paying the extra month in mortgage going to benefit the seller because they’ll need that extra time in finding a place to relocate?  Could it benefit the seller to store their things for 30 days?  The Listing Agent must get some information from the seller before giving their opinion.

In just these two examples above, recommendations are NOT always so clear cut.  The Listing Agent should take all the Seller’s personal factors into account when giving the Seller their advice.  If you would like Mark Alba, or any of his qualified agents from Alba Realty, to contact you about listing your home, whether you live in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside  or Orange Counties, please call 909-474-2013, or email him at mark.alba@old.thealbateam.com.


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